Dream Cymbals Energy series Crash ride 22
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Dream Cymbals ECRRI22



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Dream Cymbals Energy series Crash ride 22"

A bolt of sonic lightning in each handcrafted cymbal, our Energy line delivers exactly as advertised.

These cymbals are explosive. Made with the same care and craftsmanship as all our cymbals and gongs, the Energy series are exceptionally responsive with longer decays and a broader dynamic range. With a signature unfinished bell and considerably heavier weight, they do not sacrifice warmth or tone for volume.

Powell Randolph says:''Dream cymbals have a wide range of dynamics! Even with the lightest touch, these cymbals come to life, yet can also deliver for high volume situations.''

If the Crash/Ride 20 is a 2 seater sports car, this bigger cousin is like a Jaguar, refined, extremely powerful and versatile in any number of environments. Features include excellent sustain and body coupled with a powerful engine of sound.

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