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DREAM Vintage Bliss series Crash-Ride 18?
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• Dark froth of sound 
• Solid attack 
• Warm bell
• Micro lathed by hand
• Low profile, gentle bridge
• Broad shouldered bell with smooth transition

Overnight these exceptional cymbals became collector’s items. The demand for this special sound grew to the point we had to release them as their own line: Vintage Bliss.

Vintage Bliss

Their unique shape and weight produce an oceanic wave of complex wash, while maintaining a rich, warm stick sound. Responsive, full-bodied with a rapid decay, these make truly functional crash rides.

The crashes are full and punchy supported by just the right amount of wash.

Nick Baglio says: "In a time where so many players have bronze that ring the same tone, Dream answers the call with a refreshing sound that separates and rises above the rest. I knew from the minute I played my first Vintage Bliss, that Dream was where I wanted to be."



Dream cymbals, known for quality hand made cymbals at extremely fair trade prices is taking our social responsibility a step further. We believe we can make cymbals and contribute to the environment at the same time.

Customers can "cash in" broken cymbals for credit toward new Dream models. Bring any old busted, smashed or cracked cymbal to your local Dream dealer The recycled cymbals can be from any manufacturer, as long as they're made from B8 to B20 alloy. Dream dealers who collect the incoming cymbals will rebate the customer $1 per inch towards a Dream cymbal product. Dream will rebate the Dealer for every inch they collect and send in to Dream. Collect 300 inches in diameter and receive $300 credit on your Dream purchase.

In addition to encouraging sales and recycling to individuals, Dream's program offers a terrific incentive to schools and institutions. ' . 'School bandleaders can turn the broken cymbals that have accumulated over the years into high-quality Dream instruments at substantial savings. ' . 'Any customer can upgrade busted cymbals to our fine hand hammered b20 cymbals at possibly no extra cost!

Here is the really cool part: The collected cymbals will be melted down into a limited edition, numbered series each year creating new unique voices from old metal as part of the new exclusive Forge Reserve Line.

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